Thursday, January 2, 2014

New pizza place, Custom Fuel Pizza*Salads, opening at 2301 Georgia

If you like pizza and live near Howard U, you are about to be in luck. Custom Fuel Pizza*Salads, a budding local chain, is opening up a location at Georgia and Bryant on January 7th.

Located across from McDonald's, The place sounds like &pizza, which itself is sort of like Chipotle: you stand in line, choose a crust, sauce, toppings and such, and the pizza rolls through an oven, or you can choose an already designed pizza. They deliver too.

Aside from pizza, they also have a lot of salads, plus beer, wine and margaritas (at least in the downtown location, not sure about the booze at this location.) Here's their full menu, with lots of different kinds of salads and pizza.

Right now there's only one other location at 1747 Penn. Ave NW, but they're opening this one and another one in Harlem as well owned by former New York Knicks stars John Starks and Anthony Mason.

The pizza itself looks pretty tasty (at least on their website, pictured above) and the interior of the downtown one looks pretty cool too. I bet this place will be popular with Howard students, and also fills a gap in pizza places -- there really aren't any nearby aside from Red Rocks up at 11th and Park.

You can read more at their website or follow them on Twitter.

Hat tip to Park View DC. Here's the location:


  1. Stupid blog, assuming that Columbia Heights is new. Only to hipster gentrifiers, who only give a shit about their iPods in their ears, their coffee houses with wifi and expensive as fuck brunches. You all suck.

  2. Nope, I don't assume that. I write about history, neighborhood meetings, and more. If there's something you think I should write about, or want to write something yourself, email me: newcolumbiaheights@gmail


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