Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Zipcar launches Zipvan, some located in our area

Here's something handy if you're looking to carry big things around in a vehicle -- Zipcar launched Zipvan a bit ago. A while ago I noticed one on Upshur Street near 11th and the map shows others around 14th and Harvard and 16th and Harvard -- plus it's possible more may be parked around the area, just not available when I checked.

It seems to be part of the regular Zipcar system, you just use your normal login though it's a bit more expensive, $15.75 an hour or $109 a day. That's more expensive than a van from U-Haul, but also more convenient.

Zipcar has long had pickup trucks as well, plus some smaller SUVs. Good for a small move or a trip to Ikea, for example.

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