Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Two families displaced in 1489 Newton fire, fundraiser on Dec. 4

Recently a fire burned a few units in 1489 Newton Street NW, a recently renovated affordable housing coop called Newton Street Cooperative, making two families homeless and destroying everything they had. It's a shame for them and for the building, which has the building has been a nice story -- residents are transforming it and making it nicer while still keeping it affordable. 

Luckily the fire didn't spread to neighboring units or buildings, but the damage was severe for the residents. Here's an email from Jim Graham's chief of staff, passed along by ANC1A chair Kent Boese.
My neighbor, Wayde Curry who is also copied in on this e-mail , was one of the first persons to action on the day of the devastating fire that took place at 1489 Newton St NW. .
He jumped into action and alerted and warned the adjacent properties of the fire. Thank God after the smoke cleared we found that there were no casualties or serious injuries. .
There were two families directly impacted and displaced, Mrs. Jane Lewis , 70 yrs. old in apt. 22 where the fire originated, is staying with her son for the time being and the second tenant Ms. Dale Walters, in apt. #2 was displaced because of the water damage. She has 4 children. She was headed to a hotel on 14th Street , sponcered by the Red Cross, who was on the scene and working with both families.  
Mr. Curry is planning a fund raiser for both tenants, on Wednesday December 4th at 6:00pm, at 1477 Newton St, NW Washington DC , in the community room. Please come out and show your support to our neighbors on this very special time of year and share this message with everyone you can.
A neighbor sent this too, with some more info:
On Nov 27, our neighbors Mrs Jane Lewis (74) and Miss Dale Walter of 1489 Newton Street became homeless due to an early morning fire that destoryed all they owned!! (A day before Thanksgiving). 
We their concerned neighbors have decided to host a fundraiser on Dec 4 at The Haven House Building (Meeting Room) at 1477 Newton St at 6 pm. 
There Mrs Lewis and Miss Walters will be present.
Please come out and share your love and your support.
For more information, please contact Wayde Curry (202) 710-0064

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  1. Wade is the man. Great neighbor. Very sorry that this had to happen but glad the block is pulling together to help.


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