Friday, December 13, 2013

The Getaway closing, ending with a big New Year's Eve party

The Getaway, the bar and restaurant at 14th and Meridian, will be closing soon, according to PoP. They'll have a final New Year's Eve party with $40 open bar, then close their doors.

Sad to see -- I liked the downstairs bar, though it never had a very big crowd, and admittedly I think I only went a handful of times.

The place had a 1970s racing/Steve McQueen theme with auto posters and things, and also had a restaurant upstairs with decent brunch food, but again pretty small crowds. They had a big front patio too, which was good in the warmer months, and hosted trivia, karaoke and other events occasionally. Yelpers gave the spot 3.5 stars, which is pretty good.

The Getaway will have lasted about 2.5 years, having opened in June 2011. A PoP reader said they heard "scuttlebutt" that they might move somewhere else.

I wonder if this is one of those locations that is cursed -- if you recall, the same building to house Social, a bar and restaurant that opened in 2009. I was not a big fan: it had kind of a weird vibe, was sort of too big and didn't really have an identity. The place kind of looked like a furniture showroom. It closed after less than a year -- at first temporarily and then permanently. In fact, some security guards apparently posted by feuding owners harassed another restauranteur checking out the space.

I hope something successful comes to the spot and wish the owners of the Getaway the best of luck in the future. No word on if this will affect the Dunes, the art, music and event space with a little bar located upstairs.

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