Wednesday, December 4, 2013

New coffee, pastry, ice cream sandwich and breakfast taco pop-up stand at Park View Patio

Do you like coffee, pastries, ice cream sandwiches and/or tacos? If so, get to Park View Patio, which is hosting a new pop-up shop from Milk Cult and Vigilante Coffee seven days a week.

Running form 7:30am to 4 pm on weekdays and open at 8am on weekends (closing time TBD), the guys from Milk Cult are cooking up their homemade ice cream sandwiches, brunch tacos, pastries and serving Vigilante Coffee. It sounds pretty fantastic to me, though I haven't been around there during breakfast (or lunch) time yet.

Park View Patio, as you may recall, is the new bar at 3632 Georgia Ave NW, formerly the Blue Banana.

The ice cream sandwiches especially sound amazing:
Here at Milk Cult we make Ice Cream Sandwiches from scratch. Everything we sell is made by us. We don't use another businesses pre-made mix or half baked concept. We do this because the we want to pour our own heart and soul into our products and for them to be uniquely ours. Whenever we are offering more flavors you'll see them posted here.
Our current flavor offerings are:  
Vanilla w/ Chocolate Wafer Cookie
Vanilla Bean w/ Chocolate Chip Cookie
Buttermilk Lemon Zest w/ Ginger Molasses Cookie
Salted Butter Caramel w/ Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk
Honey w/ Corn Flake Cookie
They're also working to raise money for a brick-and-mortar shop.

Hat tip to the 9:30 Club Tumblr for clueing me in.

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