Monday, December 2, 2013

New, bigger recycling and trash bins coming to DC starting in January

Are your recycling and trash bins often full, or in bad shape? If you're me, the answers to both are true. But starting in January, the city is going to replace the old cans with new, larger ones.

In areas with once-a-week trash pickup, residents will get a new 96-gallon trash can (same as the old can) and a bigger 64-gallon recycling can, which is twice as big as the old one. In twice-a-week areas, you'll get 32-gallon trash cans and 48-gallon recycling bins.

Mayor Vince Gray tells the Post that this is in response to increased recycling in the city -- a good thing, for sure.

Once-a-week houses will get the cans first, starting with those places where trash gets picked up on Friday and going backwards through the days. DC Government has a map that will tell you which day you are and if you're once or twice a week.

The old cans will be recycled.

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