Monday, December 30, 2013

Lime Fresh Mexican Grill in DCUSA abruptly closes, apparently for good

Well, this is too bad. PoP reports that Lime Fresh, the fast casual Mexican place in DCUSA, has closed for good. There was a sign on the window the other day saying "WE ARE CLOSED" and he followed up with the company who confirmed it. A tipster told PoP that a lot of the furniture had been removed too.

No word on why, but I would guess that it just didn't make enough money. I always liked the place, but there never seemed to be more than 4 or 5 people eating when I visited. The space is huge too, so maybe they had high rent. Too bad, they had good tacos (especially the fish ones,) a big salsa bar, and tasty, very sweet margaritas. The staff was always super friendly too, which is often a rarity at fast casual places. It was a nice change from Chipotle, Panda Express and Cava when you just wanted something quick. Yelpers only gave them 3 stars, so maybe that contributed.

I wonder what we'll see to replace it? Considering it's so big, I'm not sure another fast casual place would work, unless it was very popular.


  1. I saw a truck with their sign parked near some new condo-with-retail-space-on-the-street-level on 14th street somewhere between R St and U St today (I don't remember exactly where). I remember thinking that they were perhaps installing a second location, but maybe they are just relocating down 14th street a bit??

  2. Nando's would be perfect for that space! Somebody contact them :)


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