Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Horse mask guy advertising the Tribe Winterfest, a big music fest this Saturday at the Gala Theatre

I got this straight from the horse's mouth -- no, really. I was walking down 14th Street on Sunday and saw a guy wearing a horse costume -- one of those funny horse masks and a fuzzy costume. He was passing out flyers for the The Tribe Winterfest at the Gala Theatre, which includes a lot of different musical acts: piano, rap, avant-garde funk, rock, electronic dance music, and more. If there's a horse mask involved, it must be a pretty fun.

The event was organized by a band called the Prime Tribe, hence the name, and they're also the headliners. There's also going to be food and drinks. Sounds interesting.

You can buy tickets here and hear more from the Prime Tribe here.

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  1. This is awesome, his name is Dean. Come one come all



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