Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Checking out the Milk Cult Sanctuary: breakfast tacos and coffee; you should go

There's a new breakfast and lunch spot in the neighborhood, and it's awesome. It's a popup shop called the Milk Cult Sanctuary inside Park View Patio, the new bar at 3632 Georgia Ave NW.

They serve delicious breakfast tacos, locally roasted Vigilante Coffee, and pastries. I stopped by wth a buddy yesterday morning (thanks to work being closed) and was really glad I did. All three kinds of tacos, corned beef hash, bacon, egg and chive, and fried green tomatillo, were really good, but the corned beef was my favorite. It comes with big, flavorful pieces of beef and potatoes, plus tater tots, eggs and arugula, and it was delicious. The bacon and chives also has tots, salsa and arugula, and the tomatillo has hollandaise and tots.

The Vigilante coffee was also quite good, and you can get 2 tacos and a coffee for $9, or 3 and a coffee for a bit more. I didn't try to pastries, which included popovers, but they looked good.

I chatted with the two guys behind the Milk Cult, Patrick Griffith and Ed Cornell, and they said they plan to have the shop open for quite some time, maybe 6 months or more. Right now it's open from 7:30am-4pm on weekdays and 8am-1pm on weekends, when the bar opens. They said when football season ends, they might stay open longer.

The story behind the Milk Cult is interesting too, they are best known for selling artisanal ice cream sandwiches out of a motorcycle with a freezer in the sidecar. They set up at events and such, and had wanted to have a pop-up for some time -- and this is the result.

It's definitely a cool spot, and nice to have another breakfast and lunch option in the area. You should check it out.

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