Monday, November 25, 2013

It's cold and flu season: what's the best local food if you're sick?

The weather is crummy and germs are going around -- it's cold and flu season. That means folks are getting sick and (hopefully) staying home, which also means they need to eat. What are some local food delivery places you'd recommend for sick folks?

I got sick a couple of weeks ago and didn't have much food in the house, so I went looking to order. The first thing that came to mind was Pho 14, which delivers to most of the area. To me, it's the ideal sick food: hot, herby and (relatively) healthy. I get the large, which is enough food for two meals. And it's good stuff: tasty, salty broth, lots of fresh basil, veggies, and the little cup of red spicy stuff, which helps to open up your sinuses. Add in some tea and you're in business. They also have an order online feature, but the credit card option wasn't working for me, so I gave them a call.

However, that's where my knowledge of good sick food spots ended, so I asked on Twitter and got a few other recommendations. Thaitanic II on 14th was one, @candacearm recommended the Tom Kha Gai (Thai chicken coconut soup.) They deliver, but with a $20 minimum. I bet a lot of their options would be good -- hot curries, soups, and the like.

Another person, @aoadcmetro, recommended the Colombian soup from Fonda Paisa in downtown Silver Spring. It's on the Red line, but doesn't seem to deliver.

So, how about you? Any other ideas? Leave them in the comments. To me, sandwiches and pizza aren't good sick food, but maybe some other folks disagree.

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