Thursday, November 14, 2013

Get your leaves picked up by the city for free, starting Nov. 18

DC Dept Public Works Leaf Collection in Action One of the city's many services starts soon -- the annual leaf collection drive. For those of us in Ward 1 east of 16th Street, that means the city's vacuum trucks will be coming around and sucking up raked leaves starting Nov. 18 through Nov. 30.

So what can you do to get your leaves taken? It's pretty simple: rake leaves into the treebox spaces on the sidewalk (that is, the places where trees grow or would grow, the grassy areas.) That's it! Make sure not to put them on the street or in the gutters, they can block gutters or be an impediment to parking. Then the city will come around with giant trucks with vacuums and take them up. Pretty simple, pretty cool.

The city's website has a bit more info, plus maps and things if you live outside of the Ward 1 east of 16th Street zone.

Photo by Wayan Vota

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