Monday, November 18, 2013

Filipino restaurant from Room 11 owners coming to old El Rinconcito Deportivo space on 11th

I don't have too many details, but thanks to ANC commish Kent Boese's Park View Newsletter, I learned that Nick Pimentel of Room 11 and Genevieve Villamora are looking to open a Filipino restaurant called Chitiking -- they are still working on the name, Chikiting is the name of their LLC.

It will be in 3226 11th Street NW, which used to be El Rinconcito Deportivo, a Latin American restaurant that closed a few months ago (note this isn't El Rinconcito II, a different place on Park Road NW.)

I'll be looking for more details, but considering how tasty Room 11's food and drinks are, I'm excited.


  1. I'm glad something is finally being done with that space, but have to say I really miss Deportivo. The owner was a one-woman force of nature. She'd greet me, take my order, make my drink, cook an amazing meal to order, bus my table, wash the dishes, and take my payment. I compare that to the Coupe, where despite God only knows how much start up capital, I've had to walk out twice because no one could be bothered to take my order, and the times I did get served the food was mediocre at best.

  2. Echoing Nick's experience, the old Deportivo was a great place, and I miss it. The family that ran the place was delightful and friendly and the food was perfectly respectable and cheap. Indeed, one summer when I was recovering from an injury, that place was my lifeline -- it was the only place to eat in walking distance. They took great care of me over the months it took me to start walking normally again -- indeed they monitored my progress and were generally wonderfully supportive. I guess it's fine that there's going to be another boutique eatery/bar in the area, but my fear that all of the local color will drain out of the neighborhood is being realized.

    Does anyone know what happened with that building? The whole property was shut down with notices saying something about liens or forfeiture. I don't know if the restaurant owners owned the building or not -- my guess is that they were renting and lost their business because the building's owners had done something screwy/illegal, but I've never heard what happened.


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