Friday, November 15, 2013

El Chucho now serving brunch!

Oh, man. I'm about to gain 100 pounds. El Chucho, the great Mexican restaurant and cocktail spot on 11th, started serving brunch last Saturday.

DCist reports the dishes are Mexican items with a brunch spin, and brunch items with a Mexican spin: chilaquiles with black beans, salsa, queso fresco in a tortilla, ham and poached eggs hollandaise on a huarache (sort of a fried tortilla), buttermilk masa (corn flour) pancakes with cinnamon butter, agave-maple syrup and fruit, and rum raisin tamales. That all sounds pretty fantastic.

As for drinks (which they're also known for) they'll have red or green Bloody Marys, mimosas and French press coffee.

I'm hungry now. DCist even calls 11th Street (what the New York Times called the Hip Strip) "Brunch Row." I like it.

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