Monday, November 18, 2013

Checking out Washington Pizza: solid delivery pizza

A few months ago I wrote about the awesome mural on the Washington Pizza building at 14th and Randolph, and I finally got around to trying them. The result: solid delivery pizza.

They have a fair amount of decent specials for pizzas and subs, but I was feeling hungry so I got a large supreme and garlic knots, for a total of about $20. The knots were delicious, buttery and garlicky goodness, and the pizza was tasty. Decent crust, good ingredients. It's not as good as my favorites, like Italian Kitchen on U or fancier delivery spots like Pete's Apizza, but still solid. Definitely better than Manny & Olgas.

Aside from pizza, they offer a variety of subs and calzones, plus salads and various kinds of fries -- the pizza fries and bacon & cheese fries sound pretty interesting. Oddly, there's a sign on their building for Indian food, but I don't see that on the menu. Maybe that's next door.

You can order on Grubhub and Seamless, or their website, though the times can be a little off -- when I ordered, it said it would take about an hour but actually showed up in half that time. Always a nice problem to have.

They get 3.5 stars on Yelp. I'd say that's about right -- pretty good but not amazing. It does sound like they are responsive to problems, one person who ordered before and didn't receive all his items tried again a month later and they remembered, bringing him the things he didn't get before as a way to say sorry.


Anonymous said...

I prefer to remain anonymous here...I tried "Washington Pizza" a few weeks ago. Not only did it take nearly 2 hrs and 3 phone calls, I was underwhelmed to find that the pizza I received looks nothing like the photo. It was your standard, run of the mill, quasi DiGiorno pizza (and I think DiGiorno from Giant is better and 75% cheaper. Do not waste your money or time on this horrible, restaurant supply, low grade pizza. The brick oven place across from Meridian Pint is a few dollars more, and way better.

Andrew W said...

Sorry to hear that! I took that photo of the pizza, so not sure what happened there.