Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Checking out Five Below in DCUSA: kind of weird, good if you need presents

The other day I stopped into Five Below, the newest store in DCUSA (and by my calculations, one of the last open spaces in the building.) The store's idea is that everything is $5 or less. I hadn't been before and a buddy described it as "a teenage girl's dream," which is right to some extent as there's a lot to appeal to teens and pre-teens. I also think it would be a good place for gifts, especially stocking stuffers or secret Santa type presents, or little things for kids or coworkers.

The store is packed with all manner of things, from seasonal items like Santa hats, lights, garlands and such to tons of toys: board games like a build your own Monopoly tower game, knock-off Legos, and lots of balls for various sports. There was lots of candy, including Apples to Apples jelly beans. They had a DVD and CD section and some small electronics, like headphones, phone chargers and such. There was also a small housewares section with garbage cans, kitchen stuff and so on. They have greetings cards too, some $5 t-shirts that seem to be aimed at teens, and a lot of other random items like a Baltimore Ravens wizard hat. You know, in case you were looking for one of those. 

It's kind of a neat store, a little like Big Lots, if you're familiar with that, but without as much random weird stuff. Might be good if you just need some cheap stuff for around the house, as well.

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