Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Acre 121 with Monday Night Football deals, Black Friday specials

Black Friday, the big shopping day after Thanksgiving, is almost upon us. It's generally a completely crazy time in our area, what with DCUSA stores offering lots of specials. I tend to stay away, but there are those folks who want to try to get those deals.

And Acre 121, the southern restaurant on Irving near the Metro, is helping too, offering half off holiday drafts all night, which include Abita Christmas, Sam Winter, Magic Hat's Heart of Darkness and Woodchuck Winter Cider. I know I'd need a beer or three if I braved that holiday shopping madhouse. Reggae funk band the Bullbuckers play at 10 on Black Friday too.

They're also offering a new Monday Night Football deal for the rest of the NFL season called Pork & Pig Skin: $5 pulled pork sandwiches and $5 BBQ mac and cheese (no actual pig skin, only the metaphorical NFL kind.)

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