Monday, October 28, 2013

Reminder: be careful of the bike lanes -- and don't walk into them without looking

Lane This may seem obvious, but lately I've seen a few people walking into bike lanes without paying attention to bikers. The other day I was on the 14th Street bus and heard a biker crash. When I looked over, the lady on the bike was yelling at a man who was facing the wrong direction (that is, down the street and away from where bikes would come) and didn't even seem to notice her until she yelled at him. The lady didn't seem to be hurt badly, but I'm sure it didn't feel good either..

Bike lanes are there for a reason, they're a way to give bikers their own path and make it safer for them and for drivers. Pedestrians, please take note of them. Bikes are fast and quiet, so you had better keep your eyes open. And don't walk into them without looking.

In fact, I've seen a few pedestrians doing dumb stuff recently -- this guy in the bike lane, people crossing in front of cars, darting between parked cars into the street, etc. It almost makes me wish that the police would do random jaywalking busts.

(And I know that sometimes bikers are irresponsible too, but seeing that lady fall over was scary. I hope getting some more word out about it will help.)


  1. I second the idea of issuing random jaywalking tickets. Lord knows I jaywalk in Columbia Heights all the time - but I would be happy to pay if a cop ever ticketed me as part of a crackdown. I would probably thank him.

  2. you may have a disclaimer at the end but that's not enough.

    no lecturing pedestrians unless you're going to lecture the bikes JUST AS STRONGLY. my neighbor finally just got the pins taken out of her ankle from a badly broken foot 2 years ago - she was crossing legally, and the bike ran into HER.

  3. Very true, everybody should obey the rules and be cautious (within reason.) That said this was a specific case where I saw a lady crash because of a pedestrian not paying attention, so that's what I responding too.

    I would bet that bikers are more at risk to be injured by cars and pedestrians than vice versa, but you're absolutely right that reckless bikers cause problems too.


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