Friday, October 25, 2013

Howard U. Homecoming is this Saturday: parade, street closings, events and more

Howard University's Homecoming celebration, one of the biggest events of the year on the Hilltop, is this Saturday. That means parades, music, and lots going on, and it also means street closures around the area.

The Washington Post has a good guide to all the events. On Saturday, the parade starts at 10am and a good spot is near Banneker High School. The Pleasant Plains Workshop also invites people to come and watch from their spot, which is at 2608 Georgia Ave NW. There's usually a lot of floats, dancers, bands and more. (Although Complex magazine has a kind of meandering article about some changes this year to the events.)

The actual homecoming football game itself starts a 11am with Howard versus Morgan State. Later on there are block parties, music, and Brandy and Trey Songz performing on campus.

As for the street closures, here's the info on that!

Please note the following streets will be closed for HU Homecoming this weekend:
Yard fest and Homecoming Parade on Friday & Saturday, October 25-26, 2013
600 Blk Howard Place                    Friday & Saturday, October 26th  12am-6pm
600 Blk Girard Street                       Friday & Saturday, October 25th thru 26th  12am-6pm
2100-2700 Blk Georgia Ave           Saturday, October 26th  12am-1pm
600 Blk Florida Ave                         Saturday, October 26th  8am-12pm
1800 Blk 5th St NW                          Saturday, October 26th  8am-12pm
400 Blk T Street NW                        Saturday, October 26th  8am-12pm
600 Blk Fairmont Street NW          Saturday, October 26th  12am- 6pm
1800-2600 Blk 4th Street NW         Saturday, October 26th 12am-1pm
2100-2200 Blk 6th Street NW         Saturday, October 26th     12am-1pm
2300-2700 Blk 6th Street NW         Saturday, October 26th    12am-6pm
400-500 Blk College Street NW    Saturday, October 26th    12am-1pm  

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