Monday, October 28, 2013

Cat found at Hiatt and Irving: is it yours?

I saw this on the Columbia Heights Yahoo listserve today, have you lost this cat?
This beautiful (and friendly but scared) cat was found huddled in a doorway on the corner of Hiatt Place and Irving Street, NW.  
The Petco just a few doors down is caring for her but can't keep her. Please contact them if you have any info on her. 


  1. looks exactly like the posters on Monroe Street.. So I walked one over to Petco and looks just like the kat.. cept doesn't look 14lbs.. but hopefully it works out..

  2. Thanks. Someone else mentioned that too, but apparently they are two different cats. Too bad!

  3. I hope they put flyers around the area where they found the cat, rather than just relying on people to check a listserve. The cat might have slipped out a neighbor's door and they might have no idea s/he's been taken to the Petco.


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