Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Breakfast hoagies back at Taylor Gourmet!

Good news for breakfast and/or sandwich fans: Taylor Gourmet, which has a location at 14th and W, is again going to sell breakfast hoagies, starting tomorrow at 11 am. The hoagies were stricken from the menu a few months ago after sluggish sales. My theory was that they stopped selling them too early in the day, they were only available from 8am-11am -- on the weekends I sleep in, on purpose or not, and often am not up and running fully with enough time to get there by 11 am. They've addressed that by selling them all day, though they'll open at 11 am everyday.

They're also getting rid of a few hoagies, including the popular Delaware Avenue eggplant one, and adding a couple more to the rest of the menu -- click it above for a bigger version.

And through Sunday, everybody will get a free side salad. Not bad.

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