Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The North Face in Georgetown offering free bikes for college students

Free bike

You always spot interesting stuff outside DCUSA. The other day I was walking past and noticed a couple of orange and white fixed-gear bikes with big North Face logos on them.

A college-aged girl was unlocking hers and I asked her about it: she said it was a deal where The North Face gives them a free bike for the semester with the caveat that they have to post pictures of the bike on social media -- so basically it's a free bike for free advertising. Seems like a pretty awesome deal for young people.

The bike also has the address for the Georgetown store on it, 3333 M Street NW. It's a pretty interesting idea, but the first time I've spotted them around the area.

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  1. Wow! This is interesting and definitely a great idea to own a bike! I'm definitely sure a lot of college students out there are willing to post pictures of the bike on social media sites just to have one of those bikes with the North Face logo. It sure is a pretty awesome deal for young people.



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