Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Some people think UN and NATO troops are training in Columbia Heights

Well, here's something you don't hear every day. The other day on Twitter I saw someone say something about UN troops in Columbia Heights:

Really am trying to bake a b-day cake, but asap, gonna post links w/ UN troops and Park police training in DC. We SAW em in Columbia Heights

I asked for more info, as that's pretty strange, and she said it was on Georgia Avenue, and they were speaking something Slavic or Russian-sounding.

She also responded with a link to a document supposedly by something called the NATO Russia Council about NATO and Russia working together. However, that document doesn't mention DC or Columbia Heights. Then she included a link to a Youtube video of these supposed UN/NATO/NATO Russian Council troops walking in Columbia Heights with an MPD officer, saying that they are speaking something other than English. To me, though, the MPD officer clearly says "How'd that happen?" and the supposed "troops" are wearing the same uniforms as MPD trainees.

Other Twitter folks responding to @bombecerise seem to agree with her, and she replied to me that other "#tinfoil" media is reporting about this -- tinfoil meaning conspiracy theorists I guess. Of course, NATO and the UN are different things, and I don't see any Park Police anyway. I can't find the links she mentions online anywhere either, and she said in a response that there is "no msm [mainstream media] coverage, that's the point."

Even if NATO or the UN were training with MPD (which again, I don't see from these videos and links) what's the big deal? The US sends people overseas to train police all the time.

And if this really were some grand conspiracy (and there are a lot, like the UN being a secret plot for a one world government), why would whoever it is train people in the most densely populated neighborhood in the capital of the United States?

So, at least for the moment, I think our neighborhood is safe from the United Nations. Maybe you can call me a "sheeple." Here are a few of her tweets to me below.

(I should also note I'm not trying to make fun of this person. I just saw something unusual and looked into it. Everybody is free to believe whatever they want, I just happen to disagree.)

@newcolumbiahts (4) Would just be nice to have some "official" explanation rather than the uncomfortably out there.
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bombeceriseSep 16, 5:53pm via Web
@newcolumbiahts (3) And the supposition is there are joint NATO/NRC trainings happening with Park Police in DC and in other jurisdictions.
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bombeceriseSep 16, 5:51pm via Web
@newcolumbiahts (2) They speak something other than english… There is a lot of#Tinfoil media reporting on this.
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  1. DC Police Recruits wear brown shirts. It's pretty simple, it's not the UN.

  2. Yes, that's my point in the post.

  3. You should absolutely make fun of the people who think like this.


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