Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Metro logo, color scheme?

The other day I was checking out WMATA's site for some info, and noticed that things looked a little different -- in particular, they were blue.

It seems that WMATA has started to shift from a black and white color scheme for Metro to a blue and white one, with a slightly tweaked blue M logo -- namely it's blue and white rather than black and white, but the font is also a little different, a bit more bold and maybe even a different typeface -- hard to tell.

I haven't seen anything about this new logo and color scheme, but I like it. Of course, I'd prefer fewer delays and more functioning escalators.

You can see the blue scheme below:


Michael Cunningham said...
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Michael Cunningham said...

It does look like a new font. The "t" is different.

Andrew W said...

Yup, and the e and r. Could be a part of the same family or something, though.