Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Meridian Pint wins slow food award

Meridian Pint, the American craft beer bar and restaurant that aims to get as much of its food from local farmers as possible, has just won an award -- the amusingly named Snail of Approval from Slow Food DC. Nice to see them being awarded, I've always liked that place and their food does seem healthier than other spots.

Meridian Pint's neighbor Maple previously won the award.

Meridian Pint is located at 3400 11th Street NW and Maple is at 3418 11th Street NW.

Slow Food DC Announces Snail of Approval Winners  
Slow Food DC unveiled today the 2013 Snail of Approval award recipients. All winners will be recognized in the Third Annual Snail of Approval Awards Party at Jackson 20 Restaurant and Tavern in Old Town, Alexandria on Sunday, September 22. Slow Food DC celebrates 84 total number of winners this year.
Slow Food DC (SFDC) Snail of Approvals recognize eateries and artisans who contribute good, clean, fair food to our community and spread awareness of the Slow Food philosophy and those establishments who support it. The award is SFDC’s way of acknowledging providers who are transforming the quality, authenticity, and sustainability of the food we eat and the beverages we drink in the City of Washington, DC and surrounding areas.
Nominations are examined by: the degree to which the establishment’s activities are aligned with the Slow Food DC mission in promoting and celebrating local, seasonal, and sustainable food sources; how much it is working to preserve the culinary traditions of the region’s ethnically and culturally diverse populations; and how it is supporting the right of all people to enjoy good, clean, fair food.  There is no limit to the number of establishments that can receive the Snail of Approval.
Tickets to the awards event at Jackson 20 Restaurant and Tavern are on sale now: $48 for Slow Food members, $55 for non-members. See http://snail3.eventbrite.com for tickets and http://www.slowfooddc.org/snail-of-approval-directory   for more about the program, winners, and celebration.
2013 Additions to the Snail of Approval Winners:
  • Green Hat Gin
  • Green Pig Bistro
  • Hometown Harvest
  • Meridian Pint
  • Rappahannock Oyster Co.
  • Relay Foods
  • Smith Meadows
  • South Mountain Creamery
  • Vermilion
  • Vigilante Coffee Company
About Slow Food DC
The Slow Food DC (SFDC) chapter is a community that promotes and celebrates local, seasonal, and sustainable food sources; works to preserve the culinary traditions of the region’s ethnically and culturally diverse populations; and supports the right of all people to enjoy good, clean, fair food.
SFDC represents the national capitol area, including Washington, DC, Virginia and Maryland. Members come from a wide variety of professions and backgrounds. SFDC organizes dinners, tastings, tours, lectures, and community outreach events providing SFDC members an opportunity to explore the richness of our region’s culinary heritage in addition to the diverse array of food and drink from around the world represented in our foodshed. Slow Food DC’s goal is to connect eaters with the biodiverse and sustainable food producers, as well as increase public awareness of slow eating.

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