Friday, September 6, 2013

Kangaroo Boxing Club planning second floor space, aiming at Spring 2014

Kangaroo Boxing Club, the barbeque spot and bar on 11th just north of Park, is looking to expand by building a second floor. PoP included a flyer on the addition, which will allow the folks to serve ribs. Full plans, like number of seats, hours, if there's an outdoor area will be announced at the Sept 11th ANC 1A meeting at Tubman Elementary School, which is at 7 pm. You can also email for more info.

PoP reports construction will begin in February 2014 and they hope to open the space in spring 2014.

I think this is a good thing, as often KBC is often pretty packed. I also hope, from a personal standpoint, that they'll use one of the spaces (either upstairs or downstairs) for Michigan games, as the bar is a University of Michigan fan hub. I've been a couple of times when it converts from normal restaurant to Michigan gameday bar, which is kind of frustrating when you just want to enjoy a meal with some friends and not have a ton of rowdy people. Then again, I guess the other option is to be aware that during game times it's going to be busy. (And the games are certainly popular, so they should continue them.)

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  1. This is great addition, certainly one of the better spots in Columbia Heights.


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