Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Is Columbia Heights the best place in town for good bars?

Looking Glass We might be living in the best bar neighborhood in the city.

Well, maybe. The other day, Complex magazine posted a piece called the 25 best bars in DC right now. Of those 25, a full 5 are in our area: Wonderland, the Red Derby, Looking Glass, Meridian Pint, and Chez Billy, with a number of others on the list around U Street. So not only are a lot of city's best bars here, a big percentage of the bars in our area are among the city's best.

So are we a boomtown for bars? Are we the medieval Venice or 19th century London of DC bars? That may be a stretch, but it does seem like we are blessed with a high number of quality bars -- and this list doesn't even mention Room 11 and the Pinch, two other great spots in the neighborhood.

What do you think? Do these spots deserve to be on the list, or are any missing?

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  1. They're aimin' low with their definition of "best" on a couple of those places...


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