Friday, September 27, 2013

Councilmember Bowser parks illegally, ANC commish spots it and reports it

This is pretty funny: Ward 4 councilmember and DC mayoral candidate Muriel Bowser's car parked illegally the other day, and ANC 1A commissioner Patrick Flynn spotted it. Flynn documented the offense on SeeClickFix, a website where people can submit service requests and violations and the city will respond.

Flynn emailed the photo to me, with a note: "Council members are not above the law! Who does this mayoral candidate think she is!?" As you can see, the car with a Ward 4 council license plate is fully past the "no parking or standing anytime" sign.

Of course it's a pretty minor offense, but he makes a valid point.

And this isn't the first time we've spotted a councilmember parking illegally while in the midst of a campaign: there was a car with a Vincent Orange for Council sign parked illegally on 14th Street a while ago -- complete with a bullhorn blaring that Orange favors aggressive enforcement of DC laws. Sometimes you can't make this stuff up.

UPDATE: I've made a few attempts to contact the councilmember about this, and have not gotten a response. As a matter of fact, I've emailed the councilmember or her staff a few times about neighborhood issues and have never gotten a response. You'd think that someone who's job is to represent constituents would actually respond. I've always gotten quick responses from Jim Graham and Jack Evans when I've emailed them about things.


  1. Actually, they are above the (parking) law, at least when they are on official business.

    "While on official business, Councilmembers are exempt from parking tickets written for violations, except those related to safety, which include: parking in a bus stop, driveway, crosswalk, and in front of a fire hydrant. "

  2. I have since learned that, regrettably, the Council has exempted themselves from all parking laws ( It's a reprehensible act indicative of the sense of entitlement held by the select group of people who rule this District. All the while, millions of dollars are being raked into District coffers by red light and speeding cameras as well as countless parking tickets. It's apalling. And some may call out "hyppocrite" and point out that ANC Commissoners like myself are exempt from RPP zoned parking and from paying parking meters (but we must use legal parking spaces) while we are on official business. I do recognize the pot calling the kettle black, but I would also point out that we volunteer considerable time, energy and personal financial resources to make our neighborhoods better and, in many cases, without the passes, it would actually cost us more of our own money to do that.

  3. and even when not on official business, sometimes they just don't want to walk too far to get to their softball game:

  4. she does this all the's nothing new...she thinks she can do whatever

  5. if I had a camera of how many times she has even parked in handicap parking I would have a full album....we don't need another person not following the laws in DC as thank you!

  6. she does this all the time on U St while the rest of us have to find a legal parking space.


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