Thursday, August 1, 2013

Wonderland's 9th birthday party is this Sunday, Aug 4. Go celebrate!

The Wonderland Ballroom, our esteemed and beloved neighborhood bar, is turning 9 this year, and they're celebrating. On Sunday starting at 4 pm, there will be happy hour all night plus food specials, and like usual, expect dancing and shenanigans.

I'm a big fan of Wonderland, which was the first new bar in the neighborhood in a long time when it opened back in 2002. In those days there were only a handful of customers. They started brunch a few years later, with bottomless bacon and mimosas, free coffee and make-your-own-waffles, which drew a few folks, and have since graduated to a full-on and popular brunch menu. They've also improved their other food selections over the years (though I've always liked the sausages, their staple in the early days.)

Monday trivia night is still popular, as are the various bands and other performances that show up -- including the National Symphony Orchestra, which played upstairs last year. A few years ago the owners also bought Temperance Hall, which became the Looking Glass Lounge, which continued in Wonderland's tradition.

Wonderland is definitely more popular now, especially on weekend nights and summer evenings when the patio is packed, but to me they still have the same friendly, relaxed vibe they've always had. After all, one of their longest running traditions is the Sundress Fest, where anybody, male or female, wearing a sundress gets specials on beer.

I hope to make it on Sunday, and I hope lots of other folks can too. I've had a lot of fun there over the years.

There's a bit more on the event on their (redesigned) website.

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