Friday, August 9, 2013

Woman changing her baby in the Columbia Heights Plaza's fountain: bad?

ColumbiaHeightsFountain-5277 I got this email from reader Brian C. yesterday about the fountain at the Columbia Heights Civic Plaza at 14th and Park. Interesting.
This afternoon, at about 11:00, I walked by the fountain in the Columbia Heights Plaza and witnessed a mother changing the diapers of her baby. It looked as though she was helping herself to the water in her hygienic quest at the risk to everyone else. There is no way I would let my children frolic in those fountains until we collectively stop this crap (no pun…). Let’s all get the word out that this fountain is not some mountain stream in some pristine undeveloped area. It’s a municipal fountain that recirculates the water for God’s sake. Even if this woman didn't aid in the contamination of this fountain, the perception alone was, ehem, unsavory.
What do you think? If it does in fact recycle the water, then that's pretty gross and unhealthy. But then again, if you need to change your baby, you need to change your baby. Right? (I don't know, I don't have a baby.)

Photo by leftrightclick


  1. I don't fully get what she was doing. If she was just changing her kid in public, I have no problem with that. But if she was washing her kid's poo off in the fountain, that's really bad.

    I have a baby and can attest that some poos can be extraordinarily large, but they're rare, though when they happen it can overwhelm a diaper. Still....that's when you use an excessive number of baby wipes.

  2. I agree with Brian's comment completely. This is not acceptable behavior.

  3. Are we assuming that potty trained kids are not relieving themselves while running through the fountain?

    I agree that parents shouldn't be bathing kids in the fountain but if we're worried about contamination, there's a bigger picture.

  4. What about all the dogs people walk rhrough there? You can't go wrong by assuming the water in all urban fountains is totally yucky.

  5. The water is definitely chlorinated, so I'm not so worried about urine, but intentionally introducing fecal bacteria in the water supply seems like poor judgement and generally inconsiderate.


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