Friday, August 23, 2013

Ugh, more messed up street sign fonts

A while ago I wrote about street signs with typefaces that were messed up and ugly -- the letters were the wrong size, not the right case, and just generally bad looking.

The city has been replacing their signs with a new typeface, Clearview, which is part of US highway regulations, is supposed to be easier to read, and when done correctly, looks nice.

However, it seems the contractors installing the signs haven't been following the guidelines for doing them -- sometimes they're all uppercase, which isn't supposed to happen, and other times the lowercase letters are too small, and sometimes they don't seem to be Clearview at all.

I spotted the above example at Georgia and Morton -- the M is huge and looks bold, while the other letters are tiny.

I've basically given up on fighting this and contacting the city about it, as I've seen dozens of these signs around, and there are bigger problems out there. It's just annoying to see the city spectacularly messing something up that is literally on every block.

Here's what the signs are supposed to look like, and some other egregious and inconsistent examples from elsewhere that I've spotted. 

Crappy font

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