Monday, August 12, 2013

TGI Friday's coming to Columbia Heights -- no, seriously

In Columbia Heights, it's always Friday: TGI Friday's is coming to our neighborhood, according to the City Paper. The chain casual dining restaurant and bar is opening a location at 3334-3336 14th Street NW, at Monroe. That's also right across the street from Ruby Tuesday.

Their liquor license application says they'll have 290 seats, plus a patio and occasional DJs.

It's a bit disappointing that another big chain restaurant is coming rather than something else, but at the same time at least that empty storefront is getting filled. Plus that Ruby Tuesday is popular, and I bet the place will do well. It'll be the second TGI Friday's in DC, after the one at 20th and Penn in Foggy Bottom. That place has the slowest service I've ever experienced, so let's hope this one isn't the same.

I would assume there will still be the requisite discussions between the ANC and TGI Friday's about hours and stuff, so maybe the size or the patio will be regulated. It doesn't look like a ton of space there. Speedy Liquors used to be in the storefront just down from the corner, but I think the corner space has been empty for some time and I can't remember what used to be there.

Here's TGI Friday's website with their menu and such. Apparently the wacky suspenders and flair thing has been toned down/optional. I went to one on a trip to Honduras awhile ago and they had beer towers, which was kind of cool. Not sure if they would at this location or not.

UPDATE: A reader sent in this pic of the corner. At least the facade looks nicer without those green awnings.


  1. I'm down with it, there are worse things to have move in.

  2. It was a furniture dealer - mainly mattresses - for a long time. Friend of mine bought a campy high heel shoe chair in bright blue.

  3. But I miss the used mattress store! That such a thing existed made life so much more hilarious!

  4. Any way to petition that this is a horrible use of this space? While Mt. Pleasant and 11th and Georgia become more economically beneficial to the local community, TGIFriday's is owned by a Minnesota company and HQ'd out of NYC. No local benefit at all... with an identical restaurant across the street I think we can (and should) do better. I hate to see 14th become the spot no one in the neighborhood wants to frequent at all.


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