Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Small housing coming to vacant building at Holmead and Otis

Always nice to see empty buildings getting filled -- a reader asked about the corner of Holmead Place NW and Otis Place NW, and and Park View DC tipped me off that a small, two-unit residential renovation will be coming to the location.

The building had been a convenience store some time ago, and more recently it was, I believe, a small church that had some really great music and singing on Sundays (unless I have my corners mixed up.)

Each of the two will be about 2,100 sq ft with three bedrooms each and a private roof deck too. The renovation looks really nice too, compare it to the existing property (below), which needs some paint and other TLC.

Nice to see this!

Architect's rendering from Park View DC


  1. I could be mistaken, but from the current photo it looks like the church is next door. The people living there might get to wake up to that music every Sunday morning.

  2. I think it's both, I've definitely seen that door open with people doing church-y stuff there in the past.


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