Friday, August 16, 2013

Help out Pat Walsh, a popular and nice former Columbia Heights resident who was attacked recently

By Jacqui Burger

Following a random violent attack in front of his house on June 22nd that left DC resident and all-around nice guy Pat Walsh with kicked-in teeth and stitches in his chin, friends are rallying by putting on benefit events this weekend to help with the burden of his significant medical bills.

Walsh is known as a fixture in the DC music scene for putting on and attending (at an exhausting rate of up to three shows in one night) band, dj, and comedy performances. He is also legendary for his kindness and generosity to the many people who are friends with him, as well as for his modesty. This became evident when even some of his closest friends were not aware of the attack that has forced Walsh to wear temporary false teeth until he can be fitted with permanent teeth.

In an effort to do something nice for the guy who invites them over for made from scratch brunches, who makes them birthday cakes, and supports independent bands, there will be three fundraising events, two of which are taking place in Columbia Heights, this weekend.

On Friday the 16th at 7pm at Wonderland Ballroom, is the taping of the talk show You, Me, Them, Everybody, hosted by Brandon Wetherbee. Guests include comedians Jenn Tisdale, Adam Friedland, Ben Freed, Tim Kish, Andrew Bucket, and rock trio Southern Problems. Here's the Facebook event, and they'll be taking donations for Walsh.

On Sunday at Noon there will be a potluck brunch at The Dunes (above The Getaway) in honor of all the delicious homemade brunches he’s held in his group house.

Sunday night at 9pm is a dance party at U Street Music Hall, featuring Protect-U,
Nouveau Riche (Gavin Holland/Steve Starks/Nacey), Outputmessage, and Micah Vellian.

Each event requests a donation of at least $5, with all proceeds going to Walsh’s medical bills, which are significant. It’s a great opportunity to do something fun around town this weekend while helping someone who makes our city a little nicer place to live. There's also a Paypal page for him. Check it out, and help out a nice guy!

Photo from his Facebook page

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