Tuesday, August 27, 2013

El Atardecer Latin American restaurant now open at 14th and Otis

El Atardecer, the new Latin American restaurant at 3475 14th Street NW, the old DC Fish Carryout space, is now open. They had their grand opening on the 23rd, complete with bouncy castle for the kiddies.

There were some complaints early on (in the comments here, especially) about overflowing trash in the cans nearby from their renovations, but in passing by a few times since I haven't noticed that.

And to me, the bouncy castle furthers the owners' statement that this is going to be a family restaurant -- at the ANC meeting a few weeks ago, a couple neighbors angrily disputed that, with one guy (the "angry guy" from my previous post) yelling about people drinking alcohol until 2 am, when in all likelihood their late night hours would be reduced by the ANC, like has been done for other local places -- Mad Momo's, for example. Someone, or maybe the same person, wrote me with health code violations at La Morenita, a restaurant the same folks run on Georgia Avenue. I think we should give them the benefit of the doubt first.

They other day they had a sign up that said cash only, but the sign is down now, so they might have credit cards working.

A friend snapped a few photos of the place (including the bottom one of some folks coming to the rescue when the kids got a little out of control.)

And in case you were wondering, El Atardecer means late afternoon or dusk (from a verb meaning to get dark.) 

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