Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Building permit issued for Lyman's, new bar coming to 14th and Quincy

Lyman's, the new bar coming next to the Red Derby, is under construction! Nice to see some progress on the spot, which will be run by some folks from the Raven in Mt. Pleasant and Cafe St. Ex on 14th Street.

I like both of those places a lot, so to me it's a good sign. However, I haven't noticed much progress in awhile, so it's great to see this.

The permit, dated 8/6/2013, is a little hard to read but says it's for interior renovations (and some other things I can't read,) and that the proposed use is a tavern. I had actually been worried since there was still a "for lease" sign up and no visible progress inside, but it sounds like my worries are unfounded.

The last we'd heard was that they were looking at a July opening date, but obviously that has passed. That's not unusual however, permits and the like are often very time-consuming in the city (DC politicians, if you ran on making permits faster for businesses, you'd probably get a lot of votes and donations.)

In the past, the owners have described the place as a relaxed neighborhood bar with 70 seats and a heated roof deck with a retractable roof for another 20 folks. They'd have occasional live music and DJs, but mostly soul, doo-wop and classic country music, plus pinball and snacks like popcorn and little pizzas.

Sounds great to me.

A friend spotted the photo on one of the owners' Facebook pages, so I hope to have more info soon.

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