Friday, August 30, 2013

Bruce Monroe Community Garden -- nice spot, and you can help!

Bruce Monroe Community Garden

During the Bruce Monroe Community Day a few weeks ago, I got a chance to check out the Bruce Monroe Community Garden -- truly a community garden, as some of the beds are shared plots for anybody to pick from (within reason) while the rest are individual plots.

The shared plots were the coolest to me, there were lots of herbs like basil, and you can just grab a handful if need be, or be a bit more helpful and work to plant and maintain the plot.

I snagged some basil leaves from one of the community plots. There were also more interesting varieties like chocolate basil, which really smelled like chocolate, and other funky flavors I forgot. I also saw the biggest sunflower I've ever seen, a good 15 feet tall:

Bruce Monroe Community Garden

The individual plots start at $30 a year, and there is a waiting list, but you can get yourself on there by emailing or calling 202-642-DIRT (pretty funny phone number.) I like their logo too.

They also maintain compost bins, which you can use for the garden, and they have a small landfill to recycle trash.

And aside from just gardening, there's a lot of other ways to join in or help -- check it out:

Bruce Monroe Community Garden

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