Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Winston the Skateboarding Bulldog returns: an interview with his owner!

You may remember a few months ago when I posted about Winston the Skateboarding Dog -- a local bulldog, he rides around the neighborhood on his skateboard. Questlove of the Roots was in town a few months ago and spotted Winston, snapping his picture on Instagram. I dubbed him the coolest dog in Columbia Heights (or maybe the world.)

A bit ago, Winston's owner James Turner got in touch with me and agreed to answer a few question about Winston, how he learned to skateboard, and more. Thanks to James, and enjoy everybody!

How long have you had Winston? How did you find him?

Winston is seven, but don't tell him, and originally from Colombia, South America. He has three daddies and multiple uncles. His original owner passed Winston's care to Bruce Arnold and myself. After 20 years, I had little interest in a dog, but Winston quickly changed that opinion. Even as a puppy he had huge personality. Bruce lives at 1st and U St, NW, where Winston spends most of his time.

 Winston is well socialized and believes he has multiple homes. So spoiled that he will sometimes decide he wants to stay where he is visiting and pick him up later, especially with one of his Uncles with a pool.

How did you discover his skateboarding talents?

One evening, Bruce was over and we saw a skateboarding bulldog on TV. Thinking no one is smarter than Winston, we rushed to Target to get him a Spongebob skateboard. He immediately took to it, did not really know what it was, but he was determined to figure it out. Within a few weeks he was able to push himself along and to ride. His talents improved over time, he got better skateboards, and now his own custom-built.

You said he prefers the skateboard to walking, can you tell us more?

Skateboarding isn't his only sport. He loves playing ball -- well, taking the basketball or soccer ball and pushing it around. Bruce had taken him to the area near DCA, while getting out of the car and grabbing the skateboard, Winston saw a soccer game, ran onto the field and took the ball and began pushing it around. Needless to say, it stopped the game and certainly got attention.

I know Questlove from the Roots took a photo of Winston, have you had any other celebrity interactions or publicity?

Bruce and friends had stopped by Palace Five to get Winston's skateboard tuned-up. Just happened that Questlove was in the area. Did not know it was him until saw his posting. Videos and photos are the norm when he is out. Being the ham he is, he will almost stop and pose.

And how can somebody each teach their dog to skateboard?

Bulldogs, center of gravity, are naturals for all types of boarding. Some say it is just another way they find to avoid exercise and ride around.

 Winston was fortunate to also have a trainer, aka walker, who takes him boarding with a focus on improving his skills. Devin Miller, (brighterdayscollective.com, see banner photo,) is fabulous with Winston, and don't trust just anyone with the little fella.

I would suggest medical insurance not just for the usual problems but also sports injuries. Winston jumped while boarding and sprained wrist, (see picture) which took him out of commission for 8 weeks (and was he cranky).

The injury was last summer. He's now pawing through brochures for Alaksan Cruises.


  1. could you get an interview with the dog next time, please...

  2. I'm sure HuffPost would also love to interview your buddy and meet this awesome dog.


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