Monday, July 29, 2013

What We're Missing: A coffee shop on Georgia Avenue

Starbucks This is kind of an interesting one -- a reader mentioned on the post about small business loans (want one? Check it out) that they'd like a coffee shop on Georgia north of Park Road -- so in Park View.

It's a good question. Columbia Heights Coffee and the Coupe are on 11th near Park, and Harrar Coffee Roasters is at Georgia and Harvard. Then farther up there's Qualia at Georgia and Randolph, so that does leave a bit of a gap, especially if you live east of Georgia.

Rock Creek Market at 646 Rock Creek Church Rd NW does sell coffee, but it's to-go, not an actual coffee shop.

I think a full service coffee shop in Park View would be great, what do you think? And can you think of other things that we're missing? You can see the full list here. Here's a map of the spots in that area.


  1. I would love this and have been wondering what it would take to make this happen for a while now.

  2. Ugh. This needs to happen. Rock Creek Market's coffee is absolutely awful. Honestly, if that place stepped up their game with outdoor seating on their huge front area and halfway decent coffee- things would be o.k.


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