Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Coupe looking to open up sidewalk seating

The Coupe

At last night's long and contentious ANC 1A meeting (more on that later) representatives from the Coupe spoke, mentioning that they were hoping to have sidewalk seating on 11th.

They're planning on 50 seats total in 25 tables and they're hoping for 7am-11pm Mon-Thu, 7am-1pm Friday, Sat 8am-1am and Sunday 9am-11pm. It wasn't clear if that would also be the alcohol-serving hours.

Some folks in the audience and commissioners asked some questions about it. One guy asked how many people who work there live in DC, and rep estimated that 92% are from DC and many live in Columbia Heights, Petworth, Mt. Pleasant or Adams Morgan. Another super angry guy took offense to the representative's statement that she didn't expect any rowdy people to be there in the morning. "So when do the rowdy customers show up!" the angry guy yelled. The rep was pretty confused and basically said that they don't have many rowdy customers, they do a good job making sure people are quiet and calm. The angry guy was there to protest against El Atardecer, a new Latin American restaurant coming to the old DC Fish Carryout space (more on that later too), so I guess he was already wound up, and he also had some outbursts at other things. Luckily most people just said "ok, noted" and went one with their business.

But anyway, back to the seats. I think it sounds great -- one neighbor said he goes there in the mornings for coffee and would really like to be able to sit outside. The rep said there would be 6 feet of space between the seats and the street, which is the same as Meridian Pint. There will be movable chairs, tables and barriers, and they'll stack them when they're done, like Meridian Pint and Room 11.

In the end, the ANC voted 5-4 to support their sidewalk cafe license application, which is only part of the process -- they still need an alcohol license for the sidewalk. The timing is up in the air too since it depends on hearings and such.

Photo by Evan Gray

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