Thursday, July 25, 2013

Power outages in the neighborhood last night: did yours go out?

Just after midnight today, there were some power outages in the neighborhood. Despite there bring no storms that I could see, my house and seemingly the block lost power. It came on again a few hours later, but then went out again and back on at maybe 5 am.

Kind of a sucky morning and night, and according to Pepco, about 120 customers are still without power. The most I saw during the night was 500-something, but I only checked a couple of times. Luckily it wasn't too hot overnight.

So did you lose power? If you do, there are a few ways to report it: if during business hours you can tweet at them, @pepcoconnect, and at any time you can call them, 1-877-737-2662, report it on their website, or use their mobile app. I used the website but it told me there were no current outages where I lived, so I tried the phone. It took forever and after using the automated system it put me on hold for an operator and after 15 minutes I gave up. 

Then today about 11 am I got a phone call saying it was restored. Weird.