Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New Mike Isabella sandwich shop/fancy Italian restaurant, G Sandwich Shop, open at 14th and W

Do you like sandwiches? (Who doesn't?) In celebrity chef Mike Isabella's latest bid to take over the corner of 14th and W, he just opened a half-sandwich shop, half-upscale Italian place called G Sandwich Shop, next to his new Greek restaurant Kapnos.

The idea is that it's a reasonably priced sandwich shop during the day, and a fancier Italian place at night. The sandwich shop opened on the 26th, while the tasting menu at night starts August 3rd.

The sandwiches are more economical than neighboring Kapnos -- the grinders/hoagies/subs/heros go from $8 to $13. There are three Italian subs, a chicken parm, meatball sub and Italian hero, some healthy ones like roast turkey with spinach, roasted cauliflower, and chicken salad with sprouts and avocado, plus two panini and fancier ones like a sucking pig sandwich, spiced baby goat, and lamb (which sounds similar to Kapnos next door.) There's also a "breakfast mac" with duck egg, house made taylor ham, muenster cheese, and duck fat English muffins, plus other items are available like salads, roasted vegetables and sweets. They also will serve beer and wine and house-made soda.

Then starting Aug. 3, they'll have a tasting menu at night for $40 with various non-sandwich Italian dishes, and Sundays there's a "gravy menu", also for $40, which doesn't seem to actually involve gravy.

In short, it sounds pretty terrific (and looks pretty terrific too, check out DCist's photo and the one on G's website, also pictured above.)

Something else cool about this is that it actually solves one of the What We're Missing ideas some commenters had mentioned -- a good Italian restaurant in the neighborhood.

G Sandwich shop is located at 2201 14th Street NW, next to Kapnos, and here are their hours:
Sandwich Shop: Everyday 11am-4pm
Tasting Menu: W-TH 5:30pm-10pm | F-SA: 5:30pm-11pm | SU Gravy: 5pm-10pm
Here's more about Isabella, who also owns Graffiato in Chinatown.

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