Monday, July 22, 2013

New antique and vintage furniture store, Urban Bespoke, opens in old Black Eyed Susie location on 14th

New shop

 It was too bad when local vintage store Black Eyed Susie at 14th and Meridian closed late last year, but this weekend I noticed a new tenant -- Urban Bespoke, which advertises "antique &; mid-century furniture and home goods." The sign I saw on Sunday said it was their grand opening.

I can't find much on them online, but there is an online business by the same name that sells a lot of the same things, so I assume that's them.

The Black Eyed Susie sign is still up, but I would best they'll put up their own shortly. It looks like they may be selling some of the clothes from Black Eyed Susie. They're located at 3443 14th Street NW.

UPDATE: I heard from them, they said they opened on Saturday and their core merchandise will be antique furnishings, art and home-ware, plus a bit of men's vintage attire. Their sign should arrive soon. Until they sell all of their clothes (which aren't Black Eyed Susie's, so my guess was wrong), there will be a $3 sale, which sounds like a good deal!


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  2. Did this place shut down already? I walked past and there was nothing in the windows.


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