Monday, July 1, 2013

Howard U. cancels Howard Town Center development agreement -- will it happen?

Mockup from 2009
Well, this stinks. The other day news came that Howard University has canceled the agreement they made with the developers for the Howard Town Center development.

The development would have brought in 445 apartments and 74,000 square feet of retail space, including a grocery store, to a parcel between 8th and Georgia and W and V Streets NW (see map below). Another description had the whole project at 500,000 square feet and $143 million. 

I haven't heard much about this development in some time (most blogs' last posts about it were from 2009, when it was going "lightning speed"), so maybe I should have expected some bad news. My last post about it was from 2009 too.

Howard University tells the City Paper that they had canceled the development contract with developer Cohen Cos. because Cohen had "failed to meet certain benchmarks." They didn't elaborate what those were, and a spokesperson said only "We are assessing to determine the most effective way of achieving the goals established for the Howard Town Center." The Wash Biz Journal adds a statement from the University that "The University's goal is to continue working towards the successful implementation and completion of the Howard Town Center."

Not good. If you were hoping for a grocery store down there, it looks like you had better keep waiting.

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