Thursday, July 18, 2013

Free milkshakes at Z-Burger today from 2-6pm! Just say "ZHeatwave"

You don't need me to tell you that it's hot out there. Z-Burger, which has a location in the Tivoli building at 14th and Park, is trying to help -- they're giving out free regular-sized milkshakes today (Thursday) from 2-6pm.

I went to Z-Burger a bit ago and really enjoyed it, and they have 75 flavors of milkshake. I tried the mango kiwi one last time, and it was awesome. 

To get said shake, all you have to do is say "ZHeatwave." I assume that's like zee-heat wave, but maybe more like zeatwave or "sheatwave" but with a z instead of s. In any case I'm sure they'll know what you mean.

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