Monday, July 1, 2013

All you can eat crab, pig and gin fest this 4th of July at the Mothership

The Mothership, the newish restaurant at 3301 Georgia Ave NW, is getting into the 4th of July spirit with a pig and crab fest on Thursday.

The event will have Maryland blue crabs, a whole pig, mofongo (a Puerto Rican plantain and meat dish) and also a punch made with Green Hat Gin from New Columbia Distillers. New Columbia Distillers are the first functioning (and legal) distillery in DC since prohibition and the gin is pretty tasty.

There's a bit more info on the Mothership's Facebook page. Tickets are $65 for all you can eat or $85 for all you can eat and drink. They're also turning El Floridano, the food truck that grew into the Mothership, into a tiki bar and also Franziskaer beer deals.

If you haven't had them before, Maryland blue crabs are pretty delicious. They're usually made by steaming in a big pot with a gas burner. Pig roasts are pretty solid too, though oddly this is the third one I've seen in a week. Maybe DC is becoming a pig roast town?

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