Monday, June 10, 2013

Taylor Gourmet stops serving breakfast

Sad news for breakfast sandwich fans: Taylor Gourmet, the Philly-style hoagie chain, has stopped serving breakfast. The chain, which has a location at 14th and T, said they weren't getting enough business to justify being open then.

Breakfast was 8-11am on weekends with breakfast sandwiches as well as breakfast risotto balls with beer cheese sauce.

I think the hours were part of the problem though -- if you're looking for a breakfast crowd on the weekends, they're probably not going to be all up and at 'em by 11 am -- I know I often laze around the house until around then. I think I only got a chance to try the breakfast stuff once since they started serving it.

Too bad. However, I should note that the breakfast sandwiches at Le Caprice are fantastic and available well into the afternoon.

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