Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Room 11 wins best beverage/mixology program at 2013 DC Rammy restaurant awards

Pouring The Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington's annual Rammys food and beverage awards were held Sunday night, and a local spot was a big winner: Room 11, the great cocktail and wine restaurant at 11th and Lamont, picked up the award for best beverage/mixology program.

The restaurant staff seemed pretty surprised, tweeting "Wait, what?" after the results were announced. They then went to celebrate at El Chucho across the street.

I've been a big fan of Room 11 since they opened in 2009 -- they have good drinks and good food. I got to know some of the staff and would love sitting at the bar and chatting with the bartenders who would talk about why he chose which ingredients for drinks. I like that you can ask what a drink is (often the ingredients are unusual or exotic) and learn something while still getting a tasty cocktail.

The food is good too, with good cheese and charcuterie and tasty small entrees -- I really like the risotto. If you haven't been, check them out.

They were the only spot in the neighborhood to win a Rammy, but two places on 14th Street won, Estadio for best upscale casual restaurant and Bar Pilar for hottest restaurant bar scene, and Mintwood Place in Adams Morgan picked up the best new restaurant award.

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