Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Mi Casita Bakery open again, seems to be operating legally

Mi Casita Bakery, a new Latin American bakery at 3429 14th Street NW, has been having a few issues lately. They opened a few months ago in the old Carolina Market space, a welcome addition as Carolina was a truly bizarre place -- dark, unwelcoming, devoid of anything on the shelves. The new bakery looked nice, had some good pastries, and plans to serve tacos and tortas (sandwiches.)

Then all of a sudden, they were shut down for operating without a license, and then tried to reopen anyway a few times by taking down the city's notices on their doors. Police showed up, as did WUSA TV, and they were closed again.

But like a phoenix rising from the oven they're back now. They're open and seem to even have police as customers, rather than enforcers.

Let's hope this was just a misunderstanding and Mi Casita is going to continue to be an upstanding local business.

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John said...

Mi Casita Bakery has always had police as customers. I live on 1300 block of Newton, so I've seen police visiting from early on.

I know they had issues, but I've always found the place clean and the proprietors friendly. The place is a welcome addition to our block, and I hope it thrives.