Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Why does no one ever move back on the bus?

Something that's been driving me bonkers lately is how people are so terrible at moving back on a crowded bus. So many times I've gotten on a 14th Street bus and there's a huge crush of people in the front but nobody in the back. 

Usually some of those folks can clearly see there are people who are trying to move back and they don't move, just staring blankly. Then somebody has to yell "can you move back please" and people look around and scoot a little. Then more people get on and the painful process repeats, with diminishing returns as people seem to get tired of being asked to move, even when there's still room.

It's not rocket science, people. If you see some space behind you, move back into it -- or if you're next to the one doofus who is blocking everyone's path, ask them politely to move back. Everyone else ahead of you will appreciate it. 


  1. people are just being stubborn, they don't like being told or forced to do something. maybe some bystander syndrome going on, everyone thinks the other person can just move back there instead of me.

  2. It's the self-entitlement. They don't want to move because they think that the rules should apply to everyone but them.

  3. I think it has more to do with wanting to stay close to the doors - if the bus is packed and you're trying to get off, you don't want to be in the back of the bus.

  4. i get irked at the guy with headphones on, standing in the back doorway, who can't hear the automated lady yelling "please do not stand in the back doorway, please do not stand in the back doorway, please do not stand in the back doorway". sometimes i want to shove him out of the bus when the door opens!

  5. Thank you!!

    Another pet peeve is seated people who try to make their way thru standing crowds when the bus hasn't even approached the stop and is in motion. Um, there's a natural flow when the bus comes to a complete stop

  6. What I noticed about the bus in Los Angeles is you're expected to exit at the rear, not at the front. That really helps a lot as you'll want to get off at some point and you instinctively move towards the back.

    People give you a stern looking at if you try and exit at the front and there is much tsk-tsking from Latino senior citizens if you break the rules. Good luck with that in DC, of course...


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