Thursday, May 16, 2013

Want to play golf in the neighborhood? Join the Soldiers Home Golf Club!

Chillin at the Old Soldiers' Home This is pretty awesome for local golfers: the Soldiers Home, officially the Armed Forces Retirement Home, is now opening their golf course memberships up to local residents thanks to the efforts of the Friends of the Soldiers Home group.

The home, which is located just northeast of Park View, is a beautiful, green campus with rolling hills. Here's the info about joining the home and playing golf.
Soldiers Home Golf Memberships Offered Through Friends

Friends of the Soldiers Home is pleased to announce that through our organization, members of the community have an opportunity to become associate members of the Armed Forces Retirement Home Golf Course.

This is an exciting opportunity to regularly use a nine-hole golf course located on the historic Home campus in the heart of Washington, D.C.

Membership amenities include no tee times, easy access to the course, a driving range and putting/chipping green, and an ability to bring in three guests at a time (more with advanced notice).

There are also monthly tournaments and an opportunity to connect with veterans and other members.

The annual membership dues are $550. In addition, Friends of the Soldiers Home requests a $25 donation and a willingness to occasionally volunteer for our activities at the Home.
This tremendous opportunity is another major step forward in the relationship between the Soldiers Home and the community. In its year-and-a-half existence, Friends of the Soldiers Home has conducted more than 25 volunteer events and held three community festivals and two community-veteran garden projects.

To sign up for golf memberships, go here: or contact Craig Isakow, who is administering this program on behalf of Friends of the Soldiers Home, at

Friends of the Soldiers Home is grateful to the veterans and staff of the Armed Forces Retirement Home for extending this opportunity.

Friends of the Soldiers Home is a non-profit organization serving to strengthen the bond between the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Washington and the surrounding community. Through service, education and engagement, Friends of the Soldiers Home connects citizens and veterans in a relationship that recognizes the sacrifice of military service and enhances quality of life for veteran and citizen alike.
To get on our volunteer list: 
Twitter: @friendssoldiers


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